Our services
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Our services

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Our firm is engaged in rendering services in the form of legal consultancy, opinions and attending cases / appeals before the Appellate Authorities, Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court in the matters relating to Taxation Laws.  The services rendered also include drafting and vetting of documents and agreements.


  • Registration: India is ready for GST, so are we.  The very first step in getting yourself GST ready is to get registered under the GST Act. We provide one stop solution for registration. We assist you in listing down all the required documents for GST registration. Once you provide us the documents, we fill out your application for registration. After getting your approval, we will submit your application with the GSTN. In case if any issue arises, we provide assistance in resolving the same. We have network of associate tax professionals throughout the country. We provide service of registration in each and every state.


  • Return preparation and filing: We prepare and file the GST return. Client will provide us the data. We will sort, analyze, scrutinize client’s data on sales and purchases and file the returns under GST.


  • Handling Mismatches and Vendor Management: We provide end-to-end solution for managing mismatches in GST Returns. We provide the following services:
  • Calling vendors on the basis of report
  • Preparing list for reasons for mismatch and report for making corrections
  • Coordinating with concerned person
  • Generating Vendor Specific Reports
  • Getting the mismatch corrected to avoid credit loss
  • Decision on GSTR 1A will also be taken


  • Advisory and Legal Consultancy: GST Act is a new law and many new challenges, controversies and queries are arising on daily basis, as we are proceeding further in GST. We provide advisory on place of supply, valuation of composite and mixed supplies, works contract, classification of goods and/or services as per tariff schedule and other issues arising out of interpretation of CGST Act, respective SGST Act, IGST Act, Rules and Notifications. We provide quality work by doing in depth legal study on the queries of our clients.


  • Representation before tax authorities & Tribunals: We make representation before various tax authorities.  If you feel your business has been affected by adverse decision of Assessing Officer of GST, we will assist you in appealing against the same. As Authorized representative, we will also be able to assist your business as follows:-
  • Apply for advance rulings
  • Appeal your GST dispute at the GST Appeal Tribunal.

Income Tax

  • Planning and counseling: We counsel clients on day to day basis on their tax related matters. If all the provisions of act are followed religiously taking care of right interpretation of Law, lot of   resources of companies can be saved. Moreover, by proper tax planning corporate can save huge amount spent on interest and penalties.


  • Representations before Tax Authorities, Tribunals, High Court and Supreme Court: Law is synonymous to litigation. Law practice is both science and art. One has to know provisions of the Act thoroughly in order to present the case before Authorities. In guidance of our experienced partners, our whole team is equipped with the art of presenting the case before authorities at different levels of jurisdiction. Many decisions in our favor are quoted in different Law journals.


  • Expatriate Taxation: We serve expatiate clients by following and fulfilling all the compliances applicable to them. We coordinate with IT department for getting their returns filled and making their final assessment.


  • Transfer Pricing: Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. One of the challenges of globalization is taxation of international transactions. Much litigation has arisen in the field of transfer pricing. We provide customized and tailored services in this field.

Service Tax, Sales Tax/VAT

As we know that Service Tax and Sales Tax / VAT are replaced by single tax i.e. GST. However, the litigation and controversies may arise on the past transactions done under erstwhile acts. We are assisting our clients in making filing appeals etc. and make representation before various tax authorities. We are also having vast experience of handling departmental audits. Since, we are operating in various states of India through our associate tax professionals, we can handle litigation in any part of the country.

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